Nov 5, 2008

I have compiled a listing of many of the major network stations that have done stories on Lyme disease and the new Lyme disease film, "Under Our Skin." These videos are only about 1 to 2 minutes each, so watching them all is just about 15 minutes.

Although the focus of the video clips is the documentary film, the clips are much more important than simply announcing the film. These clips accomplish the following:

1. Placing Lyme disease in the public eye.

2. Bringing to light the controversy.

3. Finally getting media coverage on Lyme disease that gives preference to the reality that Lyme disease is a chronic affliction, not just a simple, easy-to-treat infection.

Some users may have trouble viewing all the videos on this page. If you have trouble loading a new video after you've finished a prior one, simply hit "refresh" on your internet browser and the page will "start over," after which you can simply click on the subsequent video and start over - hopefully this will solve any technical problems you may have.

CNN News

Good Morning America, ABC News


WZTV, Nashville, TN

WJLA, Washington, DC

WUSA, Washington, DC

KTVU, Bay Area, CA

NBC17, Raleigh, NC

KING-TV, Seattle, WA

Plum TV, Martha's Vineyard, MA

Plum TV, Martha's Vineyard, MA

WZZM, Grand Rapids, MI
Bryan Rosner

DISCLAIMER: Bryan Rosner is a journalist, not a healthcare provider or doctor.