October 8, 2008

Many of you know that I believe in the benefits of glyconutrient supplementation, as outlined in my 2008 Lyme Disease Annual Report - http://www.lymebook.com/lyme-annual-report - the below video contains some interesting information on glyconutrients and the new field of glycobiology.

If you would like to try glyconutrients, please contact the glyconutrient distributor who helps support the research conducted at Lymebook.com: http://www.hope4lyme.com - The owners of this website, Christie and Sharon, have been greatly helped by glyconutrients and they are willing to share their story and experience with you. You may call them at 970.797.1965, or contact them here via their website: http://www.hope4lyme.com .

Bryan Rosner

DISCLAIMER: Bryan Rosner is a journalist, not a healthcare provider or doctor.