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Hello Readers,

I decided not to blog with text when instead I can reach my readership with video blogging—much more exciting! The field of Lyme Disease research and alternative treatment is constantly evolving. I hope this blog helps you gain insight into this elusive and widespread infection. Thanks for visiting! To learn more about my research, please check out my two best-selling Lyme Disease books:

I hope you find this blog to be useful and informative. Remember, if you have comments or questions, you can always reply to the blog posts and engage in the discussion. Please read the disclaimer before viewing this blog.

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#2908 - 01/21/08 04:09 PM Confused about the Marshall Protocol and Vitamin D? Watch this video...
BryanRosner Administrator
Forum Veteran

Registered: 11/08/06
Posts: 268
Loc: Mountains of Northern CA

January 21, 2008 -- posted by yours truly at 9:10pm

The Marshall Protocol is in my opinion one of the most
important discoveries relating to Lyme Disease -- and in fact, nearly all
chronic diseases -- but at the core of the protocol is a highly controversial assertion
regarding vitamin D.

On one side of the debate are researchers who, through quite a bit of
substantial science, have determined that vitamin D supplementation is critical
to health. On the other side of the debate are those who believe vitamin D
destroys the health of those with chronic illnesses, and more specifically,
chronic infections.

Due to my research and personal experience with the Marshall Protocol, a
protocol that calls for reduction of vitamin D, I can say that I strongly
support the latter position -- that is, the position that people with chronic
diseases have too much vitamin D in their bodies, and that that vitamin D is
doing damage. But if you have read my books, including The
Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments
, you already know this.

What I am attempting to do in this blog post is to show you the evidence for my
position. It turns out that the researchers who disagree with each other
might be talking apples and oranges: new evidence suggests that due to the many
different types of vitamin D, the entire controversy may be nothing more than a
miscommunication of terms. Because this is a complicated subject and other
writers have explained it better than I can, I will point you to a few resources
where you can read about the positions and decide for yourself.

Personally, the Marshall Protocol has been one of the main factors in giving me
back my health. You decide for yourself what to think. You will find that
the following articles are fairly long, but I think they are definitely worth
reading. In fact, I assign them to you as mandatory reading. After
having read these articles, visit
for more information on the Marshall Protocol.

Mandatory Reading:

1. The Truth About Vitamin D: Fourteen Reasons Why Misunderstanding Endures

2. Joyce Waterhouse, Ph.D., explains the controversy surrounding Vitamin D

3. A Vitamin D chapter in a new Vitamin D book

Interviews with Patients using the Marshall Protocol:

Please read the Blog Disclaimer before viewing this Video!

Feel free to join the discussion by commenting below. To do so, use the reply form below, after you have logged in. Not a member yet? Join here. Membership is easy and free.

Bryan Rosner

DISCLAIMER: Bryan Rosner is a journalist, not a healthcare provider or doctor.

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#2911 - 01/22/08 11:01 AM Re: Confused about the Marshall Protocol and Vitamin D? Watch this video... [Re: BryanRosner]
New Researcher

Registered: 08/02/07
Posts: 1
Hi Bryan,
I went to the Marshall Protocol website and there was a stern warning not to rife, use infrared or chelate metals while doing the protocol. So I'm confused.
I know you used all of the above with great success. So do we just take the website warning with a grain of salt and proceed as we please? I also read where someone who used the Marshall Protocol had to stop all her supplements.
Just wondered what is your take on this. It sure gets confusing.

#2912 - 01/22/08 11:25 AM Re: Confused about the Marshall Protocol and Vitamin D? Watch this video... [Re: maureen]
BryanRosner Administrator
Forum Veteran

Registered: 11/08/06
Posts: 268
Loc: Mountains of Northern CA
Rifing, Marshall Protocol, chelation, and IR sauna are all very active biological interventions that can indeed "conflict" with one another.

In my case, I could not tolerate many types of chelation, nor could I tolerate IR and ozone sauna for a long time. They were too much for me. Andy Cutler's mercury chelation program -- -- was the only one that was efficacious enough, so I used that.

Personally rifing and Marshall Protocol at the same time not only helped me, but helped me tremendously. As for other people, I do not know, and I don't know if anyone does. It is a very experimental area.

I wish I had a better answer for you. It is my passion to provide good answers. But I don't have all the answers.

My previous video on a similar topic might be of interest.
Bryan Rosner

DISCLAIMER: Bryan Rosner is a journalist, not a healthcare provider or doctor.

#3213 - 03/24/08 01:19 PM Re: Confused about the Marshall Protocol and Vitamin D? Watch this video... [Re: BryanRosner]
New Researcher

Registered: 01/10/07
Posts: 3
Loc: California
I found out 2 yrs. ago that I have Lyme and probable co-infections of babesia & bartonella. These discoveries came after developing what many are calling the Morgellon condition which led me to get tested for Lyme (>90% w/Morgellon test positive for Lyme). I tested with Bowen lab initially, but have had additional testing for Lyme dx. Igenx and Western Blot by Kaiser health insurance test negative for Lyme, thus I'm on my own.

I read the articles on Vit. D posted above over the weekend. I have been supplementing w/vit. D for around 2 years with 2-4000 IU daily. Initially , I felt better and experienced less joint pain, but recently joint inflammation has worsened. I have now stopped taking vit. D after reading about this controversy. I have Hep C also.

Due to liver dysfunction (20+yrs w/HCv), my ability to take antibiotics long term is not practical. I was looking at the Marshall Protocol, but after looking up Benicar on the net, find that it is contraindicated for those who have reactions to sulfa drugs which I do. I'm allergic to sulfa drugs, penicillin, codeine, zithromax and can't take doxycylcine either. I have been using herbs thus far for treating Lyme. My symptoms are many and advanced (believe to have been infected 10+ yrs. ago by rat mites - husband and son infected too, but less symptomatic). Salt and C protocol impossible for me due to liver - tried it and nearly died. The past year I've been taking/pulsing with Samento, Cumanda & Neem, but they have lost effectiveness. I began taking Banderol and Carnivora a month ago, but do not feel they are having much impact as yet. Symptoms are worsening again. I also use a Photon Genie device that was recommended by Linda (LymAngl) and some homeopathic treatments.

Any suggestions appreciated.

#3216 - 03/24/08 06:02 PM Re: Confused about the Marshall Protocol and Vitamin D? Watch this video... [Re: jostoich]
Active Participant

Registered: 05/09/07
Posts: 21
MP was very helpful to me. Benicar greatly reduced my pain and I was amazed at how much i herxed with so little antibiotic even after 1 year if IV abx. It's a brilliant combo. I do reccommend it to people however I did stop using it as I found the light restriction so isolationg and depressing. Even without following it exactly my D levels wer so low I was in the ranges the MP suggested but I stopped herxing after phase 2. I also felt as though my Babesia symtoms returned and while I gave it 3-4 more months I decided to give MMS a go. I am sure if I had tinkered with it a bit more I would have seen more results as it does sometimes take adjustments but I have copius amonust of Benicar on hand and may return to it again at soem oint if needed. I think its just another tool in the tool box that got me closer to where i needed to be...MMS I think may take me home!
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